Now, Where Did I Leave My Writing Cap?

I hope you are safe and well and coping as best you can with these strange set of circumstances in which we all find ourselves…

I have been using this time to work on a project I had been “threatening” to begin for the past seven years… Well, I didn’t like to rush it!

I am working on a script for a one woman play that I hope to get on its feet one day.

I have written at least a dozen plays before, and for me, the biggest challenge was coming up with the subject matter and obviously, the editing process (give me strength), but once I had surmounted those proverbial mountains, usually the play was quite easy to write. Obviously, I always had ideas in my head about how I would stage it, or how I would play that role if it were mine to play, but generally these things didn’t preoccupy me too much in the writing process. They would be someone else’s problem!

Now, that I am writing a piece for myself – Mother of Gawwd – I am absolutely crippled by every single word, every single stage direction, every comma, and every single dramatic pause. I am behaving as if the first piddly draft, which has come kicking and screaming into very relucatnt existence, is the version that deserves the scrutiny of a tech rehearsal and critique, even though I know this version will change many times and perhaps even take its own shape, if I could just let it get that far…

Many actors, especially in recent years, have taken to writing and creating their own original work because the parts they wanted were simply not presenting themselves. My reason for doing this is driven by the love of writing and performing. I enjoy both and i wanted to challenge myself and see if I could, in fact, do both?

So far, not so good. I am busy having creative differences with myself and I am not entirely sure how I will actually manage to manifest this bloody one woman show, while trying to mediate tensions between the one wearing the writer’s cap and the one wearing the blasted berret! (both have control issues, and both are lunatics, and please don’t tell either of them I said that because both are also overly sensitive).

So, my challenge, it seems, is getting my head gear in order and letting the multiple personalities tough it out until we come together to meet the director… The nice man in the white coat prhaps?!

I would love to hear from anyone who has actually managed to get through the writing process of a solo performance and what parts you found to be the biggest challenge?

Thankfully, this particular problem couldn’t be further from the end of the world and it is entirely and happily self-inflicted!

Stay safe and well everyone and thanks for reading my wee post!

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